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Effortless Outbound Recruiting

Hire360 literally recruits for you. Our platform identifies top candidates in your area, ranks and reaches out to the best ones, all on your behalf.

No postings, no fees. Just recruiting made easy.


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By using an existing job description or simply entering a list of skills, Hire360 goes to work recruiting for you.

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We search across 150+ Million resumes and social profiles for the best matches. We then rank and reach out to the best ones for you. 

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  • Patrick Lane 95%
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  • Erica Brown 71%
  • Wallace Ford 57%
  • Brandy Daniels 46%

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Connect with the largest pool of active and passive candidates in your area without hours of searching.

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What this means for you

Hire the very best talent while saving massive time, energy, and money.

Hire360 is simple and intuitive, ideal for in-house recruiters and hiring managers. 

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Empower your Team

Hire360 saves time and money by performing the search, ranking and initial outreach to candidates. This enables your team to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time actually connecting with the very best talent. 

Some of Hire360's Powerful Features

New Candidates Daily

Hire360 never sleeps while always searching & connecting the best candidates for your listed job openings. Get alerted to top resumes as soon as they're available.

150 Million+ Resumes

Discover new candidates through our resume network! Our unique resume partnerships allow you instant access to over 150 Million resumes.

Free ATS & Career Page

Don't have an ATS, no problem. With Hire360 you get a free ATS (Applicant Tracking System) & Career Page. Easily track your best candidates as they progress through interviews, background screenings and hiring offers.

Instant Candidate Matching

Let Hire360 do the hard work by automatically sourcing & ranking and reaching out to the best candidates from our resume and social partners.